We produce high quality visual content, with your input and a solid process.


Words and thoughts are pulled outside the box, transformed into images and sounds. Your input merged with the color of our identity.



Draw lines, polygons and apply the textures to give the realism you want. The longer you stay on paper, the better design you end up with.



Make everything alive, ready to be seen on screen or paper. It can be 2D or 3D, static or animated, colorful or black & white, each media has an audience.


A project idea? We can help you!

We want to discuss with you all your ideas, it's in cooperation that we bring a personal and effective approach to every project we are working on!
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Our Services

Your expectations leed us the most appropriate area of activity.

3D modeling

We can design anything in 3D with realism and accuracy. Objects, products, buildings, characters, any fantasy the imagination deliver. We attach great importance to the details because it is these that will make the difference for an incredible result.

3D animation

Giving life to something is the coolest part of a project. We can 3D animate, make virtual visit, demonstrate product fonctions, etc. Make possible the movement of the objects or the camera is the best way to understand how things are made from every angles.

2D drawing

We create illustrations, 2D plans, logo, technical documentation, etc. We can manipulate CAD and convert it to color presentation. From lines and sketches we create shapes, shadows & deepness to produce the best looking result.


We can add special effect to existing pictures, merge a 3D model to an existing background. Make some logo animation, do intro for movies... We compose scenes or pictures with text animations and special effects, as well as adding lighting effects.

About Us

Innovation is our priority and we carry your ideas to infinite possibilities.

Studio of animated pixels provides services including 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, photo-realistic 3D rendering, multimedia production, conceptual design, architectural color plans, logo design and more... We are specialized in providing hi-quality visual content for web, broadcast, print or mobile; if it doesn't exist, SOAP will bring it to life.

We do more than just providing a high quality service; we team up with our client and business partners to create stories that stay in memories.

We work with companies and individuals to help them concretize their ideas and reach their creative goals. No projects are too big or too small. Whether you need a full multi-disciplinary team or a first logo for a business startup, we will work within your budget and expectations to get you the result you wish.

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